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DW Drums
DW Drums
Hardware Packs May Microphones Accessories

DWCP9002PC Double Pedal
DWCP9002PC Double Pedal DW Drums

Price: $579.99
DWCP5520-2 Hi Hat Stand
DWCP5520-2 Hi Hat Stand DW Drums

Price: $549.99
DW 7002PT Double Pedal
DW 7002PT Double Pedal DW Drums

Price: $229.99
DWCP9502LB Hi Hat Stand
DWCP9502LB Hi Hat Stand DW Drums

Price: $379.99
DWCP5000S Single Pedal
DWCP5000S Single Pedal DW Drums

Price: $229.99
DWCP9500TB Hi Hat Stand
DWCP9500TB Hi Hat Stand DW Drums

Price: $299.99
DWCP9550 Remote Hi Hat
DWCP9550 Remote Hi Hat DW Drums

Price: $389.99
DWCP9500D Hi Hat Stand
DWCP9500D Hi Hat Stand DW Drums

Price: $299.99
DWCP5520 Hi Hat / Cowbell Combo
DWCP5520 Hi Hat / Cowbell Combo DW Drums

Price: $369.99
DWCP9503LB Hi Hat Stand
DWCP9503LB Hi Hat Stand DW Drums

Price: $320.39
DWCP9000PB Single Pedal
DWCP9000PB Single Pedal DW Drums

Price: $299.99
DWCP3000PK Hardware Pack
DWCP3000PK Hardware Pack DW Drums

Price: $329.99

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At Drum Workshop, The Drummer’s Choice® is more than a slogan, it’s a fact. After more than thirty years of innovation and tireless dedication to improving the way drum products are made, DW drums, pedals and hardware are the standard by which all others are measured. To get here, it takes more than a working knowledge of the instrument or a few good ideas; it takes a true passion for designing and manufacturing the very best.

“It’s remarkable that in our 31st year, the excitement level of coming to work is every bit as much now as when we started,” DW Founder and President Don Lombardi says.

It all began in 1972 when Don, at age 26, opened a small teaching studio in Santa Monica, Calif. He called the studio Drum Workshop, offering both private lessons and monthly