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Tascam 2488neo
Tascam 2488neo Tascam

Price: $699.99
Tascam DP-02
Tascam DP-02 Tascam

Price: $529.99
Tascam DV-RA1000HD
Tascam DV-RA1000HD Tascam

Price: $1999.99
Tascam CD-A630 Triple CD Player/Cassette Deck
Tascam CD-A630 Triple CD Player/Cassette Deck Tascam

Price: $475.00
Tascam CD-500B
Tascam CD-500B Tascam

Price: $579.99
TASCAM US-2000 Tascam

Price: $399.99
Tascam DP-03
Tascam DP-03 Tascam

Price: $499.99
Tascam BB-1000CD
Tascam BB-1000CD Tascam

Price: $599.99
Tascam CD200iB
Tascam CD200iB Tascam

Price: $399.99
TASCAM US-800 Tascam

Price: $249.99
Tascam BDR2000
Tascam BDR2000 Tascam

Price: $2199.99
Tascam TA-1VP
Tascam TA-1VP Tascam

Price: $449.99

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TASCAM, the company that invented the home studio revolution, is one of four divisions of TEAC Corporation, a $1.2 billion manufacturing company headquartered in Japan. While the other divisions of TEAC have grown into a multitude of high tech industries including data storage devices, consumer electronics tools and industrial products, TASCAM has remained dedicated to making innovative products for capturing creativity in the field of music and audio.

The beginning of TASCAM starts with the founding of TEAC nearly fifty years ago. In 1953, a pair of engineers in Japan - the Tani brothers - created the first TEAC product line, which was comprised of open-reel audio tape recorders. In the late 1960's, the Tani brothers and Dr. Abe, a senior engineer at TEAC, formed a special R&D group named TASC (TEAC Audio Systems Corp.) for the purpose of researching ways to apply TEAC's recording technology for musicians and recording studios. TASCAM (TASC AMerica Corp.) was established in 1971 for the purpose of distributing TASC products in the U.S. and conducting additional market research. The company's first home was at 5440 McConnell Avenue, on the west side of Los Angeles near Marina del Rey.

During the formative years in the early '70s, the music scene was flourishing. Musicians who wanted to showcase their talents and abilities to the recording industry needed a cost effective means to record their music. However, most musicians could afford neither the expense of recording in a professional recording studio nor the asking price of professional recording equipment. Realizing the dilemma facing these musicians, TASC adopted a philosophy of manufacturing recording equipment that offered the uncompromising quality and durability of professional studio equipment while remaining affordable to the masses.


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