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Digidesign Command|8
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Digidesign Command|8


Digidesign Command|8

Digidesign Command|8 Overview:

Command|8 puts integrated, tactile manipulation of Pro Tools TDM or LE systems running on Windows XP or Mac OS X at your fingertips more affordably than ever before. While there are several compact control surface options from third-party manufacturers compatible with Pro Tools, only Command|8 was made by Digidesign and Focusrite specifically for Pro Tools. As a result, Command|8 provides a great deal more sophisticated control with Pro Tools software, and has been tested and qualified specifically for Pro Tools.

Borrowing elements from Digidesign's higher-end control surfaces, Command|8's eight bankable channels of moving faders, rotary encoders, and displays enable you to control Pro Tools with the hands-on feel of a traditional analog console. What's more, its onboard monitor system features Focusrite audio performance and quality, accommodating Pro Tools audio along with external inputs, speakers, and separately controlled headphone outs. A simple USB connection facilitates communication between Command|8 and your computer.

Command|8 also includes an integrated, fully editable MIDI interface and features a stand-alone MIDI controller mode, enabling you to use it with your favorite third-party MIDI applications and devices - any that accept MIDI control change messages for level, panning, solo, mute, MIDI Machine Control, and other mappable parameters.

For post production suites, Avid products are natively supported by Command|8, including Avid Media Composer. When used with Avid products, Command|8 can be used to control the Automation Gain Tool for recording dynamic volume automation as well as Solo, Mute and Snap Mode on and off. Better yet, Command|8's onboard monitor section alleviates the need for an external mixer for speaker control.

Digidesign Command|8 Features

  • Inexpensive, full-featured control surface specifically designed for Pro Tools
  • Supports both Pro Tools TDM and LE systems (independently)
  • Simple USB connection to your PC or Mac
  • Compact size; comfortable ergonomic layout
  • 8 touch sensitive motorized faders, 8 automatable rotary encoders with LED rings
  • Big, bright, 110-character (55 characters x 2 rows) backlit LCD display for easily viewing information
  • Integrated 1-IN/2-OUT MIDI interface (16 channel in, 32 out)
  • Standalone MIDI controller mode
  • Flexible Focusrite onboard monitoring section
  • Works natively with the Avid family of products' Automation Gain Tool
  • May be used in conjunction with ProControl, Control|24, and Digi 002

Digidesign Command|8 Details:

110-character LCD Display

  • Displays track names, track & plug-in parameter values, timecode, etc.
  • Channel View Controls

  • Plug-in or Pan/Send controls for a selected INSERT or SEND
  • Master Bypass, ESC

    Console View Controls

  • Controls status display of pans, sends, or inserts across all channels simultaneously
  • Defaults to channel pan position; select A-E to determine which SEND or INSERT values are displayed in the scribble strip
  • Modifier Keys

  • Correspond to their computer keyboard counterparts
  • Fader Section

  • 100 mm touch-sensitive moving faders with support for +12 dB fader scale
  • SELECT, SOLO and MUTE buttons and color-coded LED indicators
  • Multi-purpose rotary encoders with 11-LED rings displaying pan position, send level, etc.
  • Five-segment LED meters (0 to 42 dBFS)
  • Control Room and Headphone Controls

  • Control Room: Mute, Mono, and External Source monitor selectors; dedicated volume level control
  • Headphones: 1/4" stereo headphone jack; dedicated volume level control
  • Miscellaneous Controls and Indicators

  • Record-enable, Pan/Meter (with L/R indicators), Enter, and Undo selectors
  • Standalone button - Places Command|8 into stand-alone controller mode
  • USB and MIDI activity indicators
  • Master Fader/Flip Controls

  • Master Fader: Activate to move master fader control to the rightmost faders
  • Flip: Activate to move PAN/SEND or INSERT control from rotary encoders to faders
  • Navigation Keys

  • Four-key navigation pad enables you to BANK through software mixer eight faders at a time, NUDGE through mixer one channel at a time, or ZOOM in or out on track data horizontally or vertically, and move the play selector horizontally and vertically
  • Specialized Functio