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Yamaha DTXPRESS Special
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  • Yamaha DTXPRESS Special
  • Product Code: YAMDXPIIISP
  • Obsolete
Yamaha DTXPRESS Special

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our sales department for help in selecting a similar replacement.

Yamaha DTXPRESS Special - Electronic Drum Kit

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Yamaha DTXPRESS Special Features:

48 Factory and 32 User Kits

The wide variety of pre set drum kits gives you a kit styled for virtually any musical situation. There are kits programmed for Rock, Jazz, Latin, and special effects kits great for sound tracks or radio and TV jingles. For special situations, there are 32 user programmable kits that you can program using any of the 990 drum and percussion voices. Plug in headphones and practice any time of the day or evening.

Play along with the 95 pre set songs or your favorite music

There are 95 songs covering many musical styles that are great for developing your ability to play in any musical situation. Play along with the pre recorded drum track, or mute the drums and play along with the rhythm and melody tracks. This is a great tool for developing your groove and the nuances of playing different musical styles. You can plug your MP3 or CD player into the auxiliary input and play along with your favorite pre recorded music. You can also record your playing with the internal sequencer to analyze your playing.

New Round Cymbal Pads

The Yamaha DTXPRESS Special has our all-new round cymbal pads. The 3 zone PCY150S ride, 2 zone PCY130S and single zone PCY130 crashes and RHH130 hihat pad give you the freedom to express your musical ideas even better than before. The PCY150S ride gives you the bell, bow, and edge sounds making the ride respond to every nuance of your playing. The crashes give you access to three cymbal sounds at a time and the PCY130S has choking capability. The RHH130 mounts to a standard hihat stand (included) giving you the expression of a real hihat. Heel splashes and hihat "barks" are as natural as they are on a pair of acoustic hihat cymbals.

Yamaha DTXPRESS Special Snake Cable

The Yamaha DTXPRESS Special kit comes with a stereo snake cable with labeled jacks. This makes it easier to hook everything up out of the box, and faster to hook it all up again if you are moving the kit to gigs or recording sessions.

Folds up for compact storage

The Yamaha DTXPRESS Special kit is mounted on a compact drum rack so it won't take up a lot of space when you are playing. When not in use the kit folds flat for storage in a closet without having to disassemble the rack or remove the pads.

Groove Check

Engage the Groove Check feature while using the click or while playing a song and Yamaha DTXPRESS Special will show your beat placement accuracy. It indicates if you are ahead of, behind, or right on the beat and shows any fluctuation in your playing accuracy.

Three Zone Snare Pad

The TP65S three zone pad gives you the snare, rim shot, and cross stick sound all from the same pad. This allows for a performance that is very much like playing on an acoustic snare drum.

MIDI IN/OUT, TO Host Jacks

You can access the 125 General MIDI voices from a controller or transmit other MIDI information between the Yamaha DTXPRESS Special and any other MIDI device via the MIDI IN/OUT. You can transmit MIDI data to and from your computer via the TO HOST jack to store kits or sequences on your computer.

Yamaha DTXPRESS Special Specifications:

  • Voices 990 drum, 128 General MIDI
  • Drum Kits 48 factory preset, 32 user programmable
  • Pads TP65S (1), TP65 (2), KP65 (1), PCY150S (1), PCY-130S (1), PCY130 (1), RHH130 (1)
  • Polyphony 32 notes
  • Multi Timbres 16 parts
  • Trigger Inputs 1,3-5,8 dual zone, 2,6,7 3 zone, 9/10 single trigger x 2
  • Effectsr Reverb x 11 types
  • Sequencer 2 track MIDI sequencer
  • Songs 95 factory pre set, 32 user
  • Power Supply DC 12V/AC Adaptor (PA-3C)=

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