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  • Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Pianos YPG
  • Product Code: YAMYPG535
  • Obsolete
Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Pianos YPG

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our sales department for help in selecting a similar replacement.

Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Pianos YPG

The Yamaha YPG-535 offers an 88-key Graded Soft Touch action, USB connectivity and a stand, adapter and sustain pedal. Performance Assistance Technology ensures error-free performances and a Music Database provides complete keyboard setups by song title. The song recorder is easy to use, and five types of Master EQ allow players to adjust the sound. The model's design accents also add an attractive touch.

The Yamaha YPG535 keyboard has a huge palette of acoustic and electronically amplified instrument sounds. A blend of long, stereo and multi-layered samples is used to fully capture the natural presence, resonance, expression and vibrato of the real instrument. Digital effects can be added to the Main and Dual Voices, and these effects range from reverb-like ambience effects to distortion and other dynamic processing tools that let you enhance the sound, or completely transform it.

With the Easy Song Arranger, you can select any style to play your song. For example, you can play a song that is normally a ballad and make it a bossa nova, or hip-hop tune, etc. You can create totally different arrangements by changing the style with which a song is played. You can also change