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Tama Superstar EFX SX
Tama Superstar EFX SX
Tama Superstar EFX SX Tama Superstar EFX SX
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Tama Superstar EFX SX

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Tama SK44HZBN Tama Superstar EFX SX Tama SK44HZBN Tama SK44HZBN Description: The SK44HZBN configuration includes 18"x24"
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Tama SK52HXZBN Tama Superstar EFX SX Tama SK52HXZBN Tama SK52HXZBN Description: This SK52HXZBN 5-piece complete drum kit
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Tama SX52HXZBNS Tama Superstar EFX SX Tama SX52HXZBNS Tama SX52HXZBNS Description: SXB22XZBN 20"x22" Bass drum 1 SXT10HBN
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